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College Based Selective Music Program

The College based Selective Music Program is based on the Western Art tradition and supports students to continue with woodwind, brass, string, voice and percussion instruments throughout their secondary education. Students enjoy specialist instrumental instruction, classroom music lessons, ensemble and choir membership. Beginner places are available across a select range of instruments. Students participate in concert, choir, orchestra, ensemble and chamber music performance. This program is year-long from Year 7-10, with Year 11 and 12 pathways. Application is available upon enrolment and includes an audition for selection into the program.


The program focuses on the development of musical literacy using the world-renowned Kodály approach. Kodály, a Hungarian musician, believed that musical instruction should reflect the way that children learn naturally. Through singing games, fun and play the child discovers the world of music through the creative development of the ear and the eye. As a pathway to continuing Instrumental Music School Service (IMSS) lessons, dedicated students take part in an innovative program which enables them to collaborate, create, and engage in high quality musical performances. This includes four components:

Classroom music: Two class-based lessons per week, year-long, provide immersion in learning about music development, practice, skills and principles of music as a key part of a rich performing arts culture.

The instrumental ensemble program: All selective music students are expected to be part of an extracurricular instrumental ensemble or vocal ensemble and attend weekly rehearsals.

The choral program: All selective music students are expected to be part of the extracurricular choir, and attendance at weekly rehearsals is an essential part of the program. Choir strives to achieve a synthesis of the skills necessary to develop complete musicianship.

The instrumental lesson: All selective music students have weekly instruction on their musical instrument through IMSS teachers or their private teacher. This is an integral part of the program where students apply and further develop their musical literacy skills. A key aspect is the synergy with other parts of the program and the skill development and preparation for performance in the instrumental ensemble and classroom program.

It is important that students can manage the time commitment and the academic and practice regime required by the program. Students are encouraged to undertake the program as a six-year course with their instrument of choice.

College Based Selective Music Program Entry Process

Interested students may apply for entry into the music program in their current instrument or indicate a preference to select another available instrument. Auditions include a short, live individual performance piece, interview and aural response test. Applicants may be asked to provide references from music teachers, letters of recognition and participation in music performance.

College Based Selective Visual Arts Program

Students are provided with an enriched Visual Art course, covering both two and three dimensional mediums incorporating a range of traditional and contemporary creative design processes.

The College based Selective Visual Art Program comprises students who undertake the selection process, demonstrating an interest and talent in the Visual Arts. Students experience a dedicated curriculum throughout year 7-10 and additional extra-curricular opportunities, while learning to extend their drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture skills through experimentation and examination of artist influences.

During the program, students develop creative independence and are encouraged to explore their creativity, documenting the process through digital portfolios and exhibiting their work to the public. This program provides Year 11 and 12 pathways for students looking to pursue the Arts as an area of further study beyond their education at the College.

It is important that students have the capacity to manage the program’s schedule and time commitment for additional work outside of the normal College day. Additional work may include assessment, skill development through practice, exhibition, attendance at events and workshops throughout the year.

College based selective programs replace general courses in a student timetable. A student may miss a semester of Arts or Technologies in order to participate in the College based Selective Visual Arts program throughout Years 7 and 8.

Commitment to the program is required throughout Years 7 to 10. Course offerings will be available in Year 11 and 12 and offers for these courses will be based on pre-requisite selection.

College Based Selective Visual Art Entry Process:

Students with talent and interest in Visual Arts may apply to complete the selection process to join the College based Selective Visual Art Program. Students undertake a practical and written assessment and are asked to supply a variety of supporting evidence in their application. Application is available upon enrolment and includes an audition for selection into the program.



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