The use and impact of technologies is becoming more complex as the future of design, automation and digital innovations are constantly changing in our connected world. Bob Hawke College students use a range of current and emerging technologies to create solutions to real-world problems in two areas of study, Digital and Design Technologies. Studying Technologies at Bob Hawke College challenges students to develop skills including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, reflective thinking and active citizenship.

Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies, students expand their knowledge and application of computational thinking along with data collection and analysis to create increasingly more detailed digital solutions. Students work independently and collaboratively in networks applying project management skills to document their progress and reflect on their solutions.

Design Technologies

In Design Technologies, students use design thinking to recognise the impact of design on social, ethical and sustainable decision making. Students carefully consider design constraints, legal obligations and the use of different approaches, such as Computer-aided design (CAD), to produce their own designs. They independently and safely produce designs for an intended purpose.

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