Voluntary Contributions

The voluntary contribution for students in year 7 to 10 is $235.00. All contributions are used for materials, services and facilities to assist in providing an educational program that meets the requirements of the Curriculum Framework and the guidelines issued by the Department of Education and the School Education ACT (1999) WA.

Year 11 Charges

Charges are costs for which payment is compulsory. Under section 99 of the School Education ACT (1999) WA., charges apply to all courses in year 11. We aim to keep costs as low as possible and they do not exceed the actual cost of materials, services and facilities used by students in that particular year. All charges are approved by the Bob Hawke College Board and communicated to parents two months before the start of each school year.

Extra Cost Options

In addition to the core curriculum, the College will provide opportunities for additional activities and experiences. Participation in these components is conditional on payment of the costs. These charges cover activities such as excursions, camps, extra-curricula tuition not provided by Department staff and elective courses with high cost materials or services. View the Extra Cost Options Schedule which details the upper limit of extra costs we may charge dependent on the planned activities taking place. You do not need to pay these charges until you receive notification of the option.

Extra cost options amounts are approved by the Bob Hawke College Board and communicated to parents two months before the start of each school year.

Financial Assistance

We understand some families may need some support in making payments to the College. Payment plans and direct debit arrangements can be arranged to spread the cost across an extended period of time. The Department of Education provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs. Additionally, the Bob Hawke College Board initiated the Student Equity Fund. The fund is available for use by families who experience financial hardship and that hardship impacts the child’s access to an equitable education.

Please contact the Manager Corporate Services to discuss your needs.

How to pay

We think making payments should be easy so we have provided the following options:

  • pay your Voluntary Contribution directly through your Compass Parent Portal immediately using Visa or Mastercard;
  • call us to pay by Visa or Mastercard.


Contact the College on 08 9222 5600 if you have questions or would like to discuss the information above.

All documentation is available on the Compass Parent Portal for your reference.

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