Students and families can access Student Central for advice and strategies to overcome situations that arise and to seek ongoing support with their socio-emotional and educational challenges.

The holistic approach to student wellbeing at Bob Hawke College focuses on developing skills to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing for each child. The Student Central team leads and develops the curriculum for CREW that supports students to navigate adolescence.


What is CREW?

All students are in a pastoral care group that will act as the ‘glue’ that holds their whole schooling picture together. At Bob Hawke College this group is called CREW.

This name was chosen because we associate the word ‘crew’ with being more than just passengers ‘along for the ride’. We want our students to see themselves as active participants in shaping the course of their education and to know that there is a team of people around them to help with this. This structure helps drive our College motto ‘Extraordinary Together’ as it is about guiding everyone to be the best version of themselves and helping them to see that the best way to do that is as a community, together

CREW Teachers

CREW teachers should be the first port of call for parents to inform the College of any vital information relevant to their child or raise concerns or queries about their child’s progress at school. CREW teachers will work alongside families and Student Central to ensure all students at Bob Hawke College are happy, safe, appropriately supported and challenged and that they really have a well-developed sense of community and belonging.

What happens in CREW?

CREW is where a significant part of Bob Hawke College’s social-emotional curriculum will be delivered.  Teachers will assist students with the transition from primary to secondary school, and will build skills such as communication, stress management and reflection. Teachers will also help students develop time management, intrinsic motivation and mindfulness skills under the Study Hacks program, which was developed right here in WA

Study Hacks

Research shows that unless students are explicitly taught study skills, they won’t just magically pick them up. The Study Hacks program, developed by Dr Jane Genovese, will be delivered by CREW teachers in order to help students develop essential study strategies and skills.

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