Health Education focuses on expanding students’ knowledge, understanding and skills to help them achieve successful outcomes in personal, social and online contexts with a focus on Personal, Social and Community Health.

Students are challenged to practice new skills that build and maintain their confidence and self-esteem, as well as equipping them with strategies to navigate the physical, social and emotional challenges of life. They learn how to take positive action to enhance their health, safety and wellbeing by applying problem-solving and effective communication skills through a strengths-based approach.  The curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop, enhance and exhibit attitudes and values that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students develop gross and fine motor skills though activities including Basketball, Football, Athletics, Volleyball, Netball and Body Coordination.

Students develop and refine specialised movement skills and focus on developing tactical thinking skills in a range of contexts, applying them to physical activities. They have opportunities to analyse their own and others’ performance using feedback to improve body control and coordination. Our focus on lifelong health and skill-related components of fitness, the types of activities that improve individual aspects of fitness, and a value of physical wellbeing supports students to experience success and make confident, healthy and enjoyable choices throughout their lives.

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