Uniform History

Bob Hawke College is located in a place that is connected to a number of different stories of Subiaco.

We are keen to honour these stories and one of the ways we have done this is through our College uniform.

The plaid check design, developed exclusively for the College by our uniform supplier Uniform Concepts Nell Gray, includes ‘Subiaco Red’ which represents the colour of the red brick commonly used for houses in this area.

In a nod to our College’s namesake, the design has been named ‘The Bob Hawke Check’.

The unique artwork on the College sports uniform was designed by indigenous artist, Jade Dolman and created specifically for the College. The artwork is titled ‘Katitjin Bidi’ (Knowledge Journey) and tells the story of a journey, in particular, the journey of students through their education and their youth.

All students are required to wear the College uniform.

College Dress Code

In the first years of the College, we aim to set the standard of high expectations for the wearing of the uniform.

The maintenance of high standards relies on a shared understanding by the parent or carer and the student, that the student will dress consistently in accordance with the College Dress Code.

Purchase Your Uniform

Uniforms can be purchased online through Uniform Concepts Nell Gray Inglewood Super Store.   Alternatively, use the Uniform Order Form to purchase your requirements in person.

Their contact details are:

A: 834 Beaufort St, Inglewood, WA 6052
T:  9270 4658
E:  inglewood@uc.nellgray.com.au
W: nellgray.com.au

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