All staff contribute to a positive learning environment where students are known and supported. They continually develop their own skills and knowledge so students are given opportunities for success and are challenged at appropriate levels.

We recognise the importance of the partnership between teachers, parents and community in supporting progress and learning.

Our pastoral care approach has been specifically designed to support young adults. Specialist staff provide students with individual support as well as health and wellbeing programs.

Our Student Support Team plan for and work with students with disability, those who require learning assistance and those who require extension.


Specialist teachers deliver the Western Australian Curriculum across all learning areas. We offer a diverse curriculum of traditional and contemporary courses alongside a strong set of College values that provide the basis for students to become internationally-minded and able to contribute to global endeavours.

Our academic enrichment, in all class groups, and extra-curricula activities challenge and extend students. These include the Gifted and Talented Academic Program, an Academic Challenge Program and College based selective entry programs in Music and in Visual Arts. STEAM and interdisciplinary learning projects provide experiences linking areas of learning with real-world project-based outcomes.

In Years 7 and 8, students explore and discover new courses, concepts and ways of learning. They develop their personal identity and find their place in the College community.

In Years 9 and 10, students have increased choice and opportunities to follow their passions, choosing areas that align with their interests, skills and talents. They bring together their knowledge and experience from previous years and start to consider areas of study they would like to pursue in their final years of secondary schooling.

In the senior secondary years of Years 11 and 12, the focus is on mastery across courses of study, whether students aspire to attend university, pursue further training or enter the workforce.

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