Other functions of the P&C include

  • Developing parent participation and involvement in the College.
  • Acting as the forum for parents to discuss issues pertaining to the College and its community and for gathering opinions.
  • Promoting and supporting communication and cooperation within the College community
  • Providing extra resources for the benefit of College students.

Ideas for new P&C projects are welcome and can be sent to executive.bhcpc@mail.tidyhq.com

Join the P&C using this link.

Meetings are held Wednesdays, 6:15pm, Week 2 and 7 of each term in the Bob Hawke College Library.

2023 Meeting Dates

3 May – Executive Meeting
7 June – General Meeting 6:15pm
26 July
30 August
18 October
22 November

2023 P&C Committee

Wayne Dropulich

Vice President
Kevin Reece

Liz Tilmouth

Paul Devine

Sub Committees
Leonie Allison, Jade Evans, Vivi Constantine, Kirstin McGregor, Yasmin Majidi

Inclusion Subcommittee

Contact: Annabel Williamson

Telephone: 0421 558 089

Email: inclusion.bhcpc@gmail.com

FaceBook: BHC Parents Connecting For Inclusion


John Burke

Meeting Minutes

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