In mid-October, Term 4, students from the Sustainability Club participated in the Millennium Kids Inc. 1000 Actions for the Planet workshop. It’s a two-day intensive workshop learning, exploring and pitching their projects to help the planet. Joanne Marriott, an artist and travel writer, who is connected with Creative Schools and Bella Burgemister, Bunbury’s child environmental activist, joined the workshop as mentors. An environmental consultant and the CEO of “threeonesix”, a social enterprise, Nathan Foo spoke to students about how to narrow ideas and manage projects. He was very inspiring to all the students! The students explored the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and created their ideal city.

Towards the end of the workshop, students were given the opportunity to pitch for funding for their projects, and Shiori Tachi won a $250 Millennium Kids Inc. grant to fund her project about endangered species. All projects registered with Millennium Kids Inc. will be sent to Paris and the United Nations in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, each project will be empowered by Millennium Kids Inc. will be assigned a mentor and possibly financially supported. Overall the Millennium Kids Inc. 1000 Actions for the Planet was a fun few days of school in support of students passionate about the environment!

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