Thanks to all you amazing parents and carers for the support you have given the BHC P&C this year.

Your donations are enabling BHC P&C to give $71,000 to the school to support various projects being proposed. The motions for these projects will be voted on at the upcoming P&C General meeting next week, Wednesday 19 October, 6:15pm in the library. All parents and carers are very welcome to attend. All current P&C members are entitled to vote on the motions. To become a member, please sign up using the following link, or bring the grand sum of $1 along to the meeting (

There is no obligation to volunteer or step forward for anything once you become a member (although help and ideas are always very much appreciated).


Summary of donations, with detail below:

Drama – Heath Ledger Theatre $20,000
Lockers retrofit $15,000
Bike maintenance stations $3,000
Library books $10,000
Sustainability Club – bike class $1,000
Musical instrument – Vibraphone $9,000
Musical instrument – Marimba $10,000
Music composition $3,000
Total $71,000
Events – Celebration of Learning $3,500
Total proposed ($74,500)
Bank balance $77,516
less Music Parents balance ($11,065)
pending deposit $12,185
Remaining $4,136

Details of proposed motions:

Dramaup to $20,000. Heath Ledger Theatre costs for Wizard of Oz musical – there is a one time fee for 2022 of $21,000 for the musical to be held at Heath Ledger Theatre. The school has asked for the P&C to assist with this cost since it is a one-off cost. In future years, any musicals and concerts will be held in the new performing arts building that is under construction.

Lockers retrofit up to $15,000. The storage committee from the school board has worked with the school to test-run a solution in the sports hall building to expand the size of the existing lockers. This will be a test to see if the students use these lockers once they are a little bigger.

Bike maintenance stations up to $3000. The school has requested a donation to facilitate the installation of bike maintenance stations that will have the tools to service bikes, along with bike pumps to enable bikes to be fixed at school if a child has a puncture or broken chain at school.

Library books up to $10,000. The P&C committed to an annual donation of library books to the school each year.

Sustainability Club – up to $1000. Bike Education and Safety Workshop – Term 4. This would enable this to be a free event for students. Improving bicycle safety and education to increase the number of students travelling to the College by bike.

Musical Instruments – up to $19,000. With an increase in the number of students participating in the Music Program, the addition of a vibraphone and marimba will enable more students to access a variety of instruments in performance. It is anticipated that the donation will be used for these instruments, but the donation is flexible for any musical instruments.

Music Composition – up to $3000 – Commission the writing of the Stage 2 Opening Music Piece – $3,000.00. The school are currently investigating commissioning a unique piece from an Indigenous Artist for students to play at the Stage 2 opening next year.

Total donations planned for 2022: $71,000. The total amount received from parents so far this year is $61,034.91, however there was a surplus from 2021 that will make up the difference and leave the P&C with approximately $4000 to roll over into 2023.


We look forward to seeing you all at the P&C meeting on Wednesday October 19, 6:15pm in the library!


P&C Executive


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