Stage II Opening

We were joined by the Premier, Minister Buti, the Member for Nedlands, Katrina Stratton, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Subiaco, our Director General, Lisa Rogers, Elders Neville Collard and Mort Hansen and composer Aaron Wyatt to officially open Stage II on September 11.

See here for the Stage ll opening ceremony program.

Also joining the ceremony was the whole Year 10 cohort, representing the College students. They were present on February 3 2020, when we opened Bob Hawke College, and it is fitting that they were present on this occasion. At the opening of Stage I, our then Governor, Kim Beazley said this of these students:

“Nothing beats a school. The buildings are named but the school’s occupants are the soul. From within these walls our community, State and nation will be built. This will soon grow to 1500 souls. In these walls their dreams, opportunities will develop, evolve, be embellished, and channelled through a multiplicity of intellectual disciplines. They will learn both individualism and collectivity from their physical opportunities here. Above all, their values, work ethic, attitudes to their peers, willingness to lead and the character of their social interactions will be formed.”

I have watched as they have grown with these spaces, creating their identity, increasing their independence, taking on more responsibility and developing their sense of right and wrong. I look forward to seeing the next part of our journey as we move into the Senior School years.

Stage II completes the Bob Hawke College campus, and with the Humanities, Mathematics and Languages, it has defined teaching spaces for the Arts. Not by chance, the building is also defined by the work of Jon Tarry and Sharyn Egan – The Yarragadee.

Learn more about the artwork here .

To everyone who has been part of the Bob Hawke College story to date, I am in awe of what we have achieved together and very grateful. I can’t wait to see where the completion of the campus takes us on the next part of the journey.

John Burke


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